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Earth Island Journal: New Roots for Green Business

Posted on: 20-Oct-2011

"As the world economy increasingly collides with the limits of linear, “cradle-to-grave” production, more eyes are turning towards resource synergies, upcycling, and improved efficiencies to relieve some economic pressure and get more value with less waste."
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Fox Business News: Small Business Spotlight

Posted on: 31-May-2011

"Using social responsibility and sustainable choices to maintain a competitive coffee company..."
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Top Java

Posted on: 27-May-2011

"For the owners of Equator Coffees & Teas, making “good” coffee means keeping good practices with the land, plants and people of the Panamanian rainforest..."
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SFO Terminal 2 to Include Equator Coffees' First Retail Store

Posted on: 24-Mar-2011

"SFO's shiny new $383 million Terminal 2 is scheduled to welcome its first flight on April 14..."
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A Cup of Gold: Equator Coffee Sets the Bar for Sustainable and Socially Just Coffee

Posted on: 01-Mar-2011

"On a recent trip to Africa, I was fortunate to visit several coffee farms and meet the local growers..."
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Political Instability, Climate Change and High Coffee Prices

Posted on: 22-Feb-2011

Coffee, like a lot of commodities, is getting expensive. Political instability, such as we are seeing ..."
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