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A Cup of Gold: Equator Coffee Sets the Bar for Sustainable and Socially Just Coffee

Posted on: 01-Mar-2011

"On a recent trip to Africa, I was fortunate to visit several coffee farms and meet the local growers..."
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Political Instability, Climate Change and High Coffee Prices

Posted on: 22-Feb-2011

Coffee, like a lot of commodities, is getting expensive. Political instability, such as we are seeing ..."
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Hopper Creek Kitchen's Breakfast Grind

Posted on: 21-Feb-2011

In Yountville, where there are six Michelin stars within a 4-square mile radius (reportedly the most per capita in the world) ...
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Equator's Green Coffee Buyer reports on the changing world of Ethiopian coffee

Posted on: 18-Jan-2011

"On a December trip to Ethiopia I tasted a Kaffa 'forest' coffee - mother nature's bounty ..."
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Fresh Cup Magazine's Chris Ryan

Posted on: 15-Jan-2011

sits down with Equator's green coffee buyer David Pohl to talk about his recent trip to Ethiopia...
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Equator's Green Coffee Buyer reports on cookstoves in the coffee industry

Posted on: 01-Dec-2010

"I work in an environment that, if I weren't using a sophisticated machine, would be very smoky ..."
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