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Announcing "Finca Sofia" - Equator's very own coffee farm!

Posted on Jan 31, 2009

by David Pohl
Cerro Punta, Volcan Panama We recently returned from Boquete Panama where we visited our fledgling coffee farm, Finca Sofia.  Having bought a rugged, undeveloped piece of land 2000 meters above sea level two years ago with coffee consultant and friend Willem Boot, we realized on this trip that it had finally become something nearing a "real" farm.  Until this point we had been engaged largely in the preparatory and legal work required to get the farm up and running - everything from hiring a farm manager to wading through government red tape to the painstaking selection and transplant of coffee seedlings.  But it was evident this time around that since our last trip over the summer, Finca Sofia had been transformed and that in the next few years, fingers crossed, it would become a productive coffee farm. Read more >>

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