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Costa Rica Montes de Oro

Posted on Jan 01, 2005 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
We received the long awaited Montes de Oro this week and immediately dove head first into the evaluation process.  After innumerable sample roasts and cuppings we have come up with a pitch perfect roast profile for this very nice coffee. We are roasting it light, that is, just into the second crack, where we believe the coffee comes to its fullest without imparting much if any roast flavor.  What is left is a coffee that in the nose is fragrant and sweet - lemon and toast.  In the cup we repeatedly noticed both sweet lemon and toasted grain flavors. The finish is sweet and the body is medium.  Here I am posting some pictures of the Montes de Oro bags which came to us lined with "Grain Pro" bags, an inexpensive and easy to use plastic bag that can be hermetically sealed.  The benefit of Grain Pro liners is that the coffee suffers much less from the temperature fluctuation during ocean transport, which can last a week to six weeks depending on country of origin.  The Grain Pro also protects the coffee once it is in our warehouse, which can see temperatures over 100 degrees in the summer.  We will also receive some vaccuum packed Montes de Oro that we will compare with the Grain-Pro version.  Vaccum packaging is much more costly and uses more packaging than Grain Pro so we hope to prove the benefits of Grain Pro with this experiment.  Of course Grain Pro bags will be reused in our facility for garbage collection.  

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