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Posted on Jan 13, 2010 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
The New Year brings with it some exciting developments at Equator. For starters, this is the beginning of our 15th year in business! From day one we felt we were embarking on a long journey, but for some reason, 15 years still seems like a significant milestone to us.

And by some serendipitous coincidence (perhaps as a way to prepare us for the next 15 years!) we were just named “Roaster of the Year 2010” by Roast Magazine.  Frankly, this honor makes us want to work even harder for our customers and source, roast and blend even better coffees and teas.

Speaking of great coffee and tea, we are making it easier for customers to order our product for 2010. First, we recently launched a store on Facebook, which is a fully functional e-commerce solution for social media. It is also extremely easy for us to update, therefore you'll notice that new coffees and teas often appear there a few weeks before they make it onto our website. Anyone can order from this store, even without a FB account. Ah, technology!

Second, we are updating our website to make ordering there more intuitive as well.  In doing so we’ll be outfitted with a website that is easier for us to update, meaning new products are available right away.    So, needless to say, we are feeling pretty pumped up and ready for 2010, a new decade, the beginning of our second 15 year term, and, by the way, the year we inaugurate our “Training Center”, which is our way of saying we are opening our doors more than ever both to our customers to provide ongoing training and to the public at large to engage in collective coffee and tea education and development.   Our first course is for a select group of chefs and is entitled “Roaster for a Day.”  We will post a complete calendar of events soon, with offerings for both wholesale and retail customers.

Last, but not least (to say the least), here are our featured coffees and teas for January:

Colombia La Eternidad: this micro-lot from the Concordia Region of Antioquia, Colombia fulfills our tall expectations for the classic Colombian profile: big rounded flavor, body and lush mouth feel.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Micro-lot: the large bean “Pacamara” varietal lends this coffee a “big” flavor profile – vaulting acidity, candied citrus peel and apple notes.

Rwanda Komera: Rwanda has joined our stable of East African coffee stars on the cupping table. Elegant floral tea rose and flan-like flavors with a refined finish.

New Guinea Kigabah: in the cup, this coffee resembles a hybrid of clean delicate Latin-like acidity with the tropical wood notes of Indonesian coffee. Pleasing mellow quality.

Decaffeinated Peru El Condor (Fair Trade Organic logos) –this particular lot from the Cepicafe cooperative in the Piura region was selected for its clean rounded flavor, soft hazelnut and cocoa notes.

Osmanthus Flowers: Osmanthus is one of the preferred  flower tisanes of the culinary inclined. The flowers yield a softly complex cup with intriguing floral aromatics, sweet lemon and honey flavors. Ideal for a post-meal accompaniment, or, as an infusion for alcoholic beverages.

All of these coffees and teas are available online at www.equatorcoffees.com and www.facebook.com/equatorcoffees

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