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Equator Community Composting Program - July 2008

Posted on Jul 10, 2008 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
We have been donating chaff and burlap bags to the community for years. Local farmers, gardeners and artists put our "waste" to creative use as an ingredient in organic compost, weedcloth and artisan crafts. I recently received an email from one regular chaff collector expressing her thanks and showing us her beautiful garden.

            In these pictures, chaff is used around the plants to keep weeds out, while the burlap bags are used in the pathways to provide a clean and dry surface from which to work. We love to see the byproducts of coffee utilized in such creative and sustainable ways. If you or someone you know would like chaff or bags just drop us a line: david@equatorcoffees.com.

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