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Ethiopia Limited Cupping - Boot Coffee - April 2008

Posted on Apr 10, 2008 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
Brooke and I recently attended the Ethiopia Limited Auction cupping at Boot Coffee in Mill Valley. It has been two years since such an auction has taken place, due to the terrible harvest last year, and Brooke and I were very eager to see what we would find on the cupping table. Well, we found some incredible coffees, both washed and natural. One surprise was an Idido natural, exported by Bagersh, that was very similar to our Idido Misty Valley. In fact it was Brooke's favorite coffee on the table, and it was my runner up. My personal favorite was a coffee from Aleta Wondo, a community we were introduced to last year through Common River, a non-profit out of Mill Valley doing development work in Sidamo, Ethiopia. Both because of our previous introduction to Aleta Wondo, and because I know Willem Boot is doing extensive coffee quality work there, I was delighted to find that my favorite coffee on the table (of 12 coffees) was from that very community.Ethiopia Limited Auction 2008

Equator will participate in the auction in June and hopes to bring in some wonderful Ethiopias. As in any auction there is no guarantee that we will be the highest bidder, but even if we don't come away with an auction coffee, this recent cupping demonstrates that Ethiopia is back in the saddle, producing some of the worlds most distinctive coffees. Look for auction coffees (cross your fingers) in August, as well as other Ethiopias we have booked (including a new Misty Valley in May, a Sidamo Koratie in June, and our MAO Harrar Horse mid April).

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