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Finca Sofia - Snake Bites!

Posted on Apr 30, 2010 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
Two days ago our field supervisor, Angel, was bitten by a venomous snake. He was rushed to the hospital in David by Kelly Hartmann, farm manager, and given the antidote immediately. Kelly Shows of the Teeth of the Snake

Kelly said Angel was looking quite ill when they arrived, and his arm had already begun to swell, but by the time he left that evening, Angel was looking much better. Today Kelly reports the swelling has gone down some and Angel should be released in the next day or two. We are still trying to find out the type of snake that bit Angel, but from experience we know that there are lots of them on the farm and in Panama - some 20 that are venomous!! Another reality is that our farm, the ecological bastion that it is, is fast becoming a refuge for animals of all types, since many of our neighbors rely heavily on the use of pesticides. Needless to say, when I travel to Finca Sofia in the summer I will be taking a snake-bite emergency kit! We are grateful that Angel is doing better and will do everything to strike a careful balance between ecology and safety on our farm.

Not big but deadly! Venemous Snake On Finca Sofia! October 2009
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