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Finca Sofia Update - Week One!

Posted on Jul 06, 2010 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
I have been on Finca Sofia for just over a week and have seen amazing progress with the worker housing we are building.

Finca Sofia Campamentos - "Worker Housing"
Shoveling dirt!

When I arrived the foundation and one or two walls had been completed.  This in and of itself was a great achievement.  Now, despite a lot of rain, sick employees, and delayed delivery of supplies all of the walls are up and we are preparing to plaster them.

Enrique, the general contractor, is a skilled and hardworking builder and a funny guy.  He is very precise and is reinforcing the building beyond the requirements to make it safer, dryer and longer-lasting.  Kelly and I have been pitching in wherever we are needed - such as picking up supplies, sealing joints or separating sand for cement.  We have the World Cup on in the background whenever there is a game on.

When I leave here in two weeks we should have much of the plastering done, as well as part of the roof up.  Time will tell.

Beyond the worker housing the farm looks great. There are actually some geisha cherries on a few plants, including some at 1950 meters! This is a promising sign that our trees will be more productive next year.

And of course we have been seeing snakes on the farm, including the bright green "eyelash viper".

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