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Grounds For Health Auction

Posted on May 31, 2009 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
Equator is participating in the first ever Grounds for Health Auction June 2, 2009. This is actually the second round, following a smaller first round in April. All of the coffee in the auction, including some boutique micro-lots (even some Esmeralda Geisha!) was donated and all of the proceeds will benefit Grounds for Health, a non-profit dedicated to the early detection and treatment of cervical cancer in coffee producing communities.  Cervical cancer has a devastating impact on coffee families, yet is very treatable if caught early.

Equator will be bidding on a number of wonderful coffee lots, the best of which will be offered to our customers later in June (if we are the highest bidder that is!).  For more information on Grounds for Health click here.  For a link to the auction website visit Stoneworks.

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