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June 2008 Updates - Misty Valley, Aldea Global and Geisha!

Posted on Jun 04, 2008 Bookmark and Share

by David Pohl
We have some exciting new coffees on the horizon for June and July, including a new lot of Ethiopia Misty Valley which just arrived. This coffee exceeded our expectations in so many ways and should not be missed! Blueberry notes, sweet acidity and syrupy body characterize this lot.

Misty Valley Ripe Cherries

This Misty Valley came to us via a different exporter than our long-standing "Idido Misty Valley", which arrives around the Holidays. Since we sourced this Misty Valley from a new supplier we took a conservative position and therefore have a limited supply. Since we have fallen head over heals in love with this coffee, next year we will plan to take a more aggressive position and hopefully be able to offer Misty Valley from June through the end of the year. But for this year I recommend trying the Misty Valley soon because it will sell out in the next two months. If you miss this lot, look for the Idido Misty Valley in November.

Misty Valley Dried Cherries

Also arriving this month (June 9th) is our Nicaragua Aldea Global, a perennial everyday favorite among our customers and the best yet in our opinion. Last, but not least, we participated in a 9 hour long Esmeralda Special auction on May 22 and succeeded in securing 100 pounds of a wonderful lot of Geisha. This coffee does not yet have an eta but I expect it to arrive by August. To pre-order this one of a kind coffee call 415-485-2213, or email info@equatorcoffees.com. We are selling it by the half pound for $20 and will lovingly roast and ship it to you as soon as it arrives! Other than that we are looking forward to the Ethiopia Limited auction at the end of the month, and the slightly delayed arrival of our Costa Rica and Panama Micro-lots by July.

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