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Colombia Sandoná Nariño

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Colombia Sandoná Nariño

Colombia Sandoná Nariño


This coffee was produced by the Sandoná Group, an organization of 17 smallholder farmers who grow coffee in and around the community of Sandoná, which is located in Colombia’s Nariño Department. Located in south-western Colombia, the Nariño growing region is recognized for producing high quality coffee.

Members of the Sandoná Group rely on coffee production to support their livelihood. The group has established a partnership with Inconexus, an exporter of Colombia coffee; they work in partnership to improving farming techniques in order to improve quality and increase the price paid for their coffee.

Cupping Notes

A bright, sparkling cup with flavors of flowers, peaches, and sweet candied citrus.

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  • Region: Sandoná, Nariño Department
  • Producer: Sandoná Group
  • Altitude: 6,500 feet
  • Cultivar: Castillo
  • Milling: Washed
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