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Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso

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Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso


For the first time we are presenting a decaffeinated version of our Eye of the Tiger Espresso. For the uninitiated, Eye of the Tiger is a seasonal featured blend or single-origin coffee designed specifically with espresso extraction in mind. The inspiration behind this blend is a natural, dried-in-the-fruit, processed coffee from Ethiopia. The berry-like fruit-tones and syrupy body found in this coffee lead us to experimentation at the espresso machine. On its own the flavor of the Ethiopia was a bit too intense, which lead to blending with two washed Costa Rica coffees. These lots contributed balance, structure and flavors of chocolate and spices. These are the same components in our seasonal blend Decaf Dante’s View but we have taken a very different approach to roast profile and blend percentages; overall the blend is very smooth and well integrated with flavors that pack a punch. We will roast Decaf Eye of the Tiger for a limited time; only as long as the blend components last. This special limited-time blend will be of interest to espresso fanatics who prefer to avoid caffeine.

Cupping Notes

Syrupy with notes of dark chocolate, blue berries, baking spices.

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  • Region: A blend of coffees from Costa Rica and Ethiopia
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