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Ka’u Rusty’s Hawaiian Kenya-Style Washed

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Ka’u Rusty’s Hawaiian Kenya-Style Washed

Ka’u Rusty’s Hawaiian Kenya-Style Washed

Received a score of 93 points on Coffee Review.


This is the third time we are offering coffee from Lorie Obra’s award winning farm, Rusty’s Hawaiian. Her 12-acre boutique coffee farm is located in Ka’u, on the southern slopes of Mauna Loa volcano, situated to the south and east of its more famous neighbor, Kona. Emerging from abandoned sugarcane fields, Ka’u is a rising star in the world of coffee. In honor of their efforts to build “flavor before the roast with artisanal processing methods” Rusty’s received the Outstanding Producer Award from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe in 2010, among other awards.

Rusty and Lorie Obra, a chemist and medical technologist from New Jersey, visited Ka’u in the 1990s and decided to move there. The couple had no idea they stumbled upon an award-winning coffee region. In 1999, they planted Arabica coffee varieties such as Bourbon, Guatemala Typica, Red Caturra and Yellow Caturra. Because of their science background, the two ran the farm like a laboratory, testing different processing methods, looking for ones that would bring out the best flavors.

Rusty died in 2006, leaving his wife at a crossroads. Lorie thought about selling the farm, but she wanted to fulfill Rusty’s dream: to make Ka'u coffee one of the best in the world. She continued to run the farm and even took over Rusty’s role as president of the Ka'u Coffee Growers Cooperative. The result since has been accolades for Rusty’s Hawaiian coffees – and more steps toward realizing Rusty’s dream.

As the name indicates, this coffee was processed using the so-called Kenya-style washing method, whereby coffee undergoes two separate stages of soaking. Some argue that this step results in unique flavors of clarity and crispness, and we find this is the case for this particular lot.

Cupping Notes

Deep flavors of sweet orange, raisin and cooked plum.

Special Roasting Days

Due to limited availability and to maintain freshness, we will be roasting this coffee once a week on Mondays. Order a bag now and we will roast and ship the following Monday.

View map of the growing region for Ka'u Rusty's Hawaiian

  • Region: Big Island of Hawaii
  • Producer: Lorie Obra
  • Altitude: 1,500-2,000 feet
  • Cultivar: Typica
  • Milling: Kenya-style washed process
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