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Eye of the Tiger Espresso

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Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Eye of the Tiger Espresso


Presenting Eye of the Tiger Espresso, version number five. Eye of the Tiger is a seasonal featured blend or single-origin coffee designed specifically with espresso extraction in mind. This edition is a blend, which evolved directly from the last version of Eye of the Tiger. Like last time, the blend features two coffees from South America, yet each coffee and the finished blend itself couldn’t be more different.

This blend features a natural processed, dried-in-the-fruit, Yellow Bourbon variety Brazil coffee from São Benedito, a farm located in the Carmo de Minas growing region. The farm is owned by Mariana de Carvalho Junqueira and is managed with the help of her son Marcio. The other coffee, produced by our friends at Granja La Esperanza, hails from Colombia’s Valle del Cauca, near the town of Caicedonia. It is a unique honey processed Red Bourbon variety coffee that was grown on their farm Las Margaritas. Together these coffees yield a rich, silky espresso with sweet, subtle flavors that slyly reveal tremendous complexity. Excellent with milk or as a straight, smooth shot.

We will roast this version of Eye of the Tiger as long as the blend components last.

Cupping Notes:

Smooth and creamy with a complex range of flavors that include roasted nuts, vanilla and dried cherry.

  • Region: A blend of coffees from Brazil and Colombia
  • Cultivar: Red and Yellow Bourbon
  • Milling: Natural and Honey Processed
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