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Hawaiian Islands

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Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Islands


A true celebration of Hawaii! This special blend of 100% Hawaiian coffees is a collaboration of sorts between Equator and our friends at Isla Custom Coffees. Isla is involved in sourcing coffee from origins as far flung as India and Thailand, but it is primarily focused on procuring and processing outstanding coffee from Hawaii with a special emphasis on the well regarded growing regions of Ka’u and Kona.

Our Hawaiian Islands blend is built around a delicate, floral-toned washed coffee from Ka’u. It is combined with washed and natural processed coffees from Kona, Maui and Oahu to create a delicately sweet blend with notes of nuts, flowers and fruit. Espresso enthusiasts take note -- the origin of this blend concept was conceived with espresso extraction in mind. Although the roast profile is designed to work well as espresso, it also tastes great using all the standard coffee brewing formats.

Cupping Notes

Sweet and mild, with notes of cashew, flowers and tropical fruit.

Special Roasting Days

Due to limited availability and to maintain freshness, we will be roasting this coffee once a week on Mondays. Order a bag now and we will roast and ship the following Monday.

View map of the growing region for Hawaiian Islands

  • Region: Ka’u, Kona, Maui, Oahu, Molokai
  • Producer: Isla Custom Coffees
  • Altitude: 500-2000 feet
  • Cultivar: Caturra, Catuai, Typica
  • Milling: Washed and Natural
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