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Brazil Bela Vista Micro-Lot

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Brazil Bela Vista Micro-Lot

Brazil Bela Vista Micro-Lot

Received a score of 93 points on Coffee Review.


Situated in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountain range, Bela Vista farm is owned and operated by Ana Vilela and her four children. By Brazilian standards the farm is minuscule, just 17 hectares in all, with only six hectares dedicated to coffee production. In addition to the cultivation of coffee, a section of the farm is devoted to raising Mangalarga Marchador horses. Despite its small size, the farm is focused on producing high quality coffee. As proof, the family has been honored with awards in several tasting contests over the years, including second place in the 2011 Late Harvest Cup of Excellence competition.

Due to its small size, topography and quality concerns, the harvest is done manually, uncommon in Brazil. The coffee cherries are collected on cloths spread out below the trees thus preventing contact with the ground. This lot was processed by the pulped natural method, where the skins of the coffee cherries are removed but, the fruit mucilage is allowed to dry on the bean. The beans are dried on concrete patios, where they are raked from 15 to 20 times per day.

Espresso enthusiasts should try pulling a shot of this coffee. We think its sweet and balanced flavor profile lend itself naturally to this application.

Cupping Notes:

Sweet milk chocolate punctuated by flavors of cherry and vanilla bean that carry through till the finish.

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  • Region: Dom Vicoso, Minas Gerais
  • Producer: Ana Cristina Junqueira Vilela
  • Altitude: 4,100 feet
  • Cultivar: Yellow Catuai
  • Milling: Pulped Natural
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