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Colombia Cerro Azul Gesha Peaberry

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Colombia Cerro Azul Gesha Peaberry

Colombia Cerro Azul Gesha Peaberry


New crop Gesha from Cerro Azul is back! This time the lot is made up of peaberries, a type of bean that results when the coffee fruit develops a single oval bean rather than the usual pair of flat-sided beans. Because the small production and due to our relationship with the team at Granja La Esperanza, the owners of Cerro Azul farm, Equator was able to secure the entire production of the farm’s peaberry grade Gesha.

Last year Equator won the prestigious 2013 Roaster’s Choice award with a Gesha variety coffee from Cerro Azul. Receiving this award is an honor especially since the coffee was evaluated and judged by our peers at the Roasters Guild, a professional organization focused on highlighting the art and craft of coffee roasting.

You may have noticed that we changed the spelling of the coffee variety from Geisha to Gesha. This heirloom botanical variety is named after a district in southern Ethiopia called Gesha, where the plant is said to originate. Whether it was a variance in the transliteration from the Amharic, a happy accident or a creative marketing tactic, the spelling Geisha has dominated since the variety gained popularity over the past decade. Given that it is technically more correct, we will refer to the variety by the name Gesha going forward.

Granja La Esperanza planted Gesha on the Cerro Azul farm as part of a multi-year project focused on producing outstanding coffees through deliberate quality improvement efforts. The project includes study and operation of a farm in Boquete Panama, the growing region best known for the Gesha variety. Data for every imaginable detail is logged in order to find correlations between different variables and positive results.

In order for coffee to be sold as Cerro Alzul Gesha it must meet the quality expectations for the farm’s terroir, if it doesn’t, then it is not sold with the Cerro Azul designation. This is a fully washed and sun dried coffee. When completely dry the parchment coffee is stored in Grain Pro bags, an unusual extra step taken to protect the coffee from damaging moisture. Even the warehouse were coffee is stored is temperature and humidity controlled.

Cupping Notes

Smooth and silky with lush floral-tones, cocoa and notes of sweet orange and lemon zest.

Special Roast Days

Due to limited availability and to maintain freshness, we will be roasting this coffee once a week on Mondays. Order a bag now and we will roast and ship the following Monday.

View map of the growing region for Colombia Cerro Azul Enano

  • Region: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca
  • Producer: Granja La Esperanza
  • Altitude: 5,250-6,550 feet
  • Cultivar: Gesha
  • Milling: Washed
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