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Colombia Las Margaritas Pacamara

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Colombia Las Margaritas Pacamara

Colombia Las Margaritas Pacamara


Last year we offered a special Honey Bourbon lot from Las Margaritas farm. This year we are featuring a fully washed Pacamara variety coffee from the same farm. Produced by our friends at Granja La Esperanza, a group that owns and operates a small collection of farms, including the award winning farm Cerro Azul. Las Margaritas is planted with an assortment of varieties, including Pacamara, Bourbon, Laurina and Gesha. The farm functions as a laboratory where different varieties can be tested and evaluated for planting on other farms.

Pacamara is a cultivar that is a cross between the Typica derived Maragogype variety, which produces very large beans, and Pacas, a compact-growing selection of heirloom variety Bourbon. As a result of this parentage, Pacamara is rather small in stature but makes up for it by producing enormous beans. Although Pacamara is grown widely in El Salvador, it is less common elsewhere and practically unheard of in Colombia. As we understand it, this variety is only grown by Granja La Esperanza and perhaps just one other coffee producer in Colombia.

Cupping Notes

A rich, fruit-toned cup with flavors of honeydew melon, pear, caramel and a hint of coconut.

View map of the growing region for Colombia Las Margaritas Pacamara

  • Region: Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca
  • Producer: Granja La Esperanza
  • Altitude: 4,600-6,600 feet
  • Cultivar: Pacamara
  • Milling: Washed
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