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El Salvador Finca Himalaya Honey

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El Salvador Finca Himalaya Honey

El Salvador Finca Himalaya Honey

Received a score of 93 points on Coffee Review.


We are pleased to partner with Mauricio Salaverria of Divisadero Café Farms for the first time. While visiting El Salvador in October of last year, we were introduced to Mauricio (or Moe as he likes to be called) and were immediately impressed with his attention to quality coffee production. He operates a small collection of farms, including the high elevation Finca Himalaya. This farm has been in the Salaverria Lagos family since 1875!

During the visit we evaluated a few samples from the season Moe refers to as Flor Loca, coffee beans that result from random flowering that takes place after the main harvest. The samples indicated tremendous promise for the upcoming main harvest. When we finally were able to roast new crop samples a few months later we were blown away by the sweetness and complexity found in the cup.

The care taken in all steps of production is truly impressive, as this honey processed lot will demonstrate. The coffee was processed at the Divisadero micro-mill with rainwater that had been diverted from the mill’s rooftop to an elaborate catchment system. The skins of the coffee cherries were removed and the mucilage-laden beans we placed on raised beds to slow dry for twenty days, with additional finish drying on patios at lower elevations.

Cupping Notes

Complex and layered flavors of guava fruit, hibiscus flower and fudge.

View map of the growing region for El Salvador Finca Himalaya Honey.

  • Region: Apaneca, Ahuachapán Department
  • Producer: Mauricio Salaverria, Divisadero Café Farms 
  • Altitude: 4,925 feet
  • Cultivar: Bourbon
  • Milling: Honey processed
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