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Panama Elida Estate

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Panama Elida Estate

Panama Elida Estate


Once again we are working with the Lamastus family to bring you a special coffee from their farm Elida Estate. The family continues their tradition of racking up awards for their outstanding coffees. This year, in the annual Best of Panama coffee competition, Elida Estate won an impressive third and seventh place in the “Traditional Natural” category and another third place win in the “Geisha Natural” category.

This time our offering from Elida Estate combines two unique processing methods: a sun-dried natural and a honey processed lot. We have carried the distinct natural, dried-in-the-fruit, type for the last few years but, for the first time we requested a honey process lot to be processed as well. This method is also known as pulped natural, where the skins of the coffee cherries are removed but the fruit mucilage is allowed to dry on the bean. The intense stone fruit-like sweetness of the honey process component balances perfectly with the deep brandied berry-tones of the natural lot.

Located in the Boquete growing region, Elida Estate has been in the Lamastus family for three generations. Shade trees have been planted throughout the farm, and are maintained to protect the coffee trees and also to provide a bird-friendly habitat to the many native and migratory species in the area. The high elevation of the farm and micro climate of the region extends the ripening period of the coffee cherry, slowing development of the coffee seeds within. This slow maturation tends to yield denser coffee beans with more complex flavors.

Cupping notes:

Rich, sweet and round with flavors of butterscotch, strawberries and cherry.

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  • Region: Alto Quiel, Boquete
  • Producer: Lamastus family
  • Altitude: 5,600-6,000 ft ft
  • Cultivar: Catuai
  • Milling: Sun-dried natural and honey processed
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