Customer Feedback

I just wanted to email you about how much I love the new coffee selections for Equator. After trying the Kenya AA Oaklands Estate, I sort of wanted to just have that on the menu in bold print and exclamation points. I also wished I could've had only the selection of Costa Ricans on the menu.

Then I saw the El Salvador Sumatra style washed and nearly passed out with excitement. Thank you so much for having such innovative coffees. Being able to have these coffees available on the menu is mind boggling!

Kathryn Allen, Coffee Specialist, Alexander's Steakhouse SF

Just a quick note to say thank you for one of the best espresso drinks my husband and I have ever tasted at American Restaurant in Hotel Vitale. We consider ourselves espresso connoisseurs and up until now have been drinking Blue Bottle.

Well after the perfect espresso with your beans - no more! We liked them so much that the food and beverage manager sold us a pound to take back with us to San Diego. I'd like to order from your website and was wondering which espresso blend the restaurant uses.

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!

Mishel, CA

Beautiful location, EXCELLENT COFFEE and a superb gift shoppe with a great Bay Area bent selection of kids books 'n educational toys, books about area wildlife, food and cooking, crafts made from recycled materials....

Incredible bay views including the GG Bridge, Ft. Point, Alcatraz. A fun mix of locals fishing/crabbing from the pier out front or otherwise recreating and visitors to our fine land. And did I mention EXCELLENT COFFEE? Worth a detour, that coffee.

YELP! Review for the Warming Hut in San Francisco, CA

Gwynnie P., YELP! Reviewer

I have been a mail order customer of yours for the past year. I love coffee the way I love my parents, and for many of the same reasons. I have, thus, been a devoted and devotional coffee drinker since my young teens (espresso exclusively at this point of my trajectory), but had never known a bean to which I felt I could pledge my allegiance before discovering yours; but pledge it now I do.

I am a singer, songwriter, recording artist and record producer; and enclosed you will find a copy of my most recent release, "Civilians" (my 10th solo outing). You will please note that your company has been collectively thanked within the credits, and I have done so because I recognize the significance of your contribution to every session that transpired during this record's creation. No song -not a note- has ever been recorded here at my home studio that wasn't fueled by the products of your diligence and labor.

So, thank you for contributing to my life with such loving consistency on a daily basis. What you do matters to many of us.

Joe Henry, CA

Greetings, I like the new streamlined checkout with login, very nice! But of course what makes it all is your fantastic coffee. All I ever find locally is over roasted crap. I don't get it? If you go to Europe it doesn't all taste like carbon, why here in beautiful California the food Mecca of the US. Ten stars for you guys. Happy Xmas from your happiest customer on the central coast. Let me know if Peets makes you an offer you can't refuse so I can order 50lbs. for the cyro freezer before the end.

Kurt, CA

You folks are it, Thank you.

Dean, CA

loved the rooibos Chai at REDD!!

Katharine, CA

Love the Ethiopian harrar, wonderful flavor, does it have a real nice crema when used with a quality espresso machine?

Stephen, WA

LOVE your coffees. Best we have found anywhere.


CRP Loves Equator! Happy Holidays Everyone! xox

Andrea, CA


Margy, CA