Coffee Roast Styles

Equator Specialty Coffee Roast Styles

  • Medium-light: The color of nutmeg. Full coffee character is present at this roast. Acidity (dry, bright sensation on the palate) is pronounced.
  • Medium: Chestnut color. Coffee character is slightly tempered by the roast. Acidity is present but balanced by increased presence of carmelized sugars.
  • Medium-dark: Dark chocolate brown color, roast flavor and coffee character equally balanced. A hint of unsweetened chocolate flavor is introduced.
  • French: Very dark in color. Lots of oil is present. Strong, smoky roast flavor dominates.

Equator's roasting is done in a traditional Italian-style drum roaster. Beans are tumbled in a rotating steel cylinder housed in a round, heated chamber. Heat exchange: primarily convection with some conductive heat.

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