Social Responsibility

In 2007, Equator Coffees & Teas® embarked on entrepreneurial initiatives that further support its long-held commitment to quality, sustainability, and social responsibility. The company has initiated a micro credit loan program and will provide Aldea Global, a Nicaraguan cooperative, with the funds to buy coffee de-pulpers for several farmers. Plans are also underway to invest in a Panamanian coffee farm later this year. Equator views these steps as an investment at origin that will materially benefit the business by securing a steady supply of high-quality green coffee beans.

Equator takes action with sustainability programs at all levels of operations. These practices include:

  • The recent purchase of the ultra-efficient Loring Smart Roaster, which reduces carbon emissions by 80%, without sacrificing artisan quality. Equator is one of the first roasters in the country to utilize this new technology.
  • A delivery truck powered by locally produced biodiesel fuel and a hybrid car for service.
  • An extensive recycling program for both office and warehouse.
  • A compost program that incorporates 100% of chaff and coffee grounds.
  • The donation of jute and burlap coffee bags to area gardeners for re-use.
  • Annual CCOF inspection and certification for compliance in proper handling and storage of organic coffees.