Equator Wholesale Partner Spotlight – ThirstyBear Organic Brewery

At Equator, we recognize that while coffee is an amazing stand-alone beverage, it is also a wonderful ingredient. We enjoy coffee-flavored ice cream, chocolate, and desserts on a daily basis.  We love to collaborate with local, like-minded companies that utilize coffee in unusual ways.  From our coffee-infused kombucha partnership with Revive to our Nana Joes Equator Signature Blend Granola, we have mixed our coffee in some pretty unique ways.  The coffee-infused beer has been popular for quite some time, and Equator is proud to announce our first coffee and beer collaboration from ThirstyBear Organic Brewery in San Francisco, CA.

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Get To Know Us- Equator Associate Coffee Buyer & Licensed Q Grader

Equator Coffees is made up of unique and passionate individuals.  In our latest installment of our, Get To Know Us series we introduce you to one of our Coffee Buyers and Licensed Q Grader, Nate Brechenridge.

Nate is part of our coffee buying team that travel around the globe sourcing incredible coffees, (editor note- he happens to be Colombia now!) as well as cup and evaluates new coffees every day at our Roastery. If you are enjoying a cup of Equator coffee, there is a chance that Nate knows the producer that picked those cherries.  We chatted with Nate to learn the behind the scenes of how he became a coffee buyer and what is a licensed Q Grader?

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Equator Wholesale Partner Spotlight – Tilden Hotel

At Equator we value working with partners to build and maintain an excellent coffee program. Whether it be a small bakery looking to serve delicious brewed coffee, a high-volume cafe wanting to make beautiful lattes, or a hotel committed to providing an unforgettable experience for their guests; at Equator we love meeting our partners where they are at and creating unforgettable coffee experiences. With over twenty years of wholesale experience we see ourselves as an invested teammate rather than coffee vendor. One of our wonderful partners is the newly opened Tilden Hotel in San Francisco, California. 

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Tayler Wiles- Tour of California Race Recap

The Tour of California is one of my all-time favorite races, and it continues to get better each year.  Having a Women’s World Tour race in my now home state is pretty unique and this year's edition was a doozy!  Two rolling mountain stages, one flat, windy stage, through the Delta, all ending with a fast and furious circuit around downtown Sacramento made for some thrilling racing, right down to the very finish.

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Get To Know Us- Equator Barista Trainer & Educator

Equator Coffees is made up of unique and passionate individuals.  In our latest installment of our, Get To Know Us series we introduce you to one of our Coffee Educators, Meghan Houston.

Meghan and our fantastic team of Baristas serve hundreds of cups of coffee on a daily basis. If you're drinking a cup of Equator Coffee, then there is a good chance Meghan helped train the Barista who made it. We chatted with Meghan to learn the behind the scenes of what goes into being a Barista Ninja at Equator Coffees.

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Get To Know Us- Equator Soma Cafe

I have been managing our SOMA Cafe, which involves smiling all day, getting our SOMA customers their coffee with efficiency and friendliness, and ensuring that our team balances the art of working hard and having fun.

Coffee has been a family tradition for me.  My great-grandfather started a coffee roaster in Roanoke, Virgina called H&C.  It was sold out of the family when I was a kid, but I always felt like coffee was my destiny.  It also doesn't hurt that while pregnant with me, my mom claims to have drunk four cups of coffee a day, so that may have something to do with my career choice.

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Equator Wholesale Partner Spotlight- Covo

As a certified B Corporation, Equator believes in stakeholder values over shareholder values. That includes our employees, community, coffee farmers, supply chain vendors, and wholesale customers. We’re fortunate to have lots of excellent wholesale partners who help share Equator with our community.  One of our wonderful wholesale partners is Covo, not only do they brew a great cup of Equator Coffee they also foster and support the independent thinkers and entrepreneurs that help make San Francisco such a unique and forward thinking city.

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Let's Brew Together - Chemex

We love sharing our coffee knowledge and whether you brew coffee at home, the office, or out in the middle of Muir Woods we are here to help.  My name is Akaash Saini, Equator's Community Engagement Manager, and a former Brewers Cup champion. This series will show you recipes and tips for brewing a great cup of coffee with some of our favorite brew methods. First up is a classic brew method invented in 1941- the Chemex.

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