Get To Know Us- Equator Warfield Cafe

Our Warfield café is located in the historic Warfield Building, home to the acclaimed music venue, in San Francisco’s blossoming mid-market tech district. The café is urban and industrial with a soft edge, thanks to local muralist Mona Caron whose larger-than-life “urban weed” mural rises up the concrete wall. As our first San Francisco café, this space holds a special place for us at Equator, and we wanted to share a bit more with you about the people that bring Equator Warfield to life every day, and what makes it unique.


I have been managing our Warfield café for four months and previously was the General Manager at our flagship Marin café in Downtown Mill Valley.  I am currently the President of the Bay Area Coffee Community (BACC), a competitive Barista, and will be making my first trip to origin when I visit Equator’s own coffee farm Finca Sophia in Panama this February. 

When I was 12 years old I decided, I wanted to own a coffee shop.  My father and I walked into a café, in Wooster, Ohio and he started having this incredibly genuine conversation with the barista.  While the Barista was technically a stranger, it felt like they knew each other’s lives and there was this wonderfully personal connection.  I realized at that moment that I wanted to connect with people daily, in a meaningful way, and that coffee could be a way to do so.

When I first got behind a coffee bar, I was 17 years old and in college.  My favorite drink was a Raspberry Mocha! I had to learn to love coffee, but in time found that not only was this an amazingly complex fruit, but getting behind the coffee bar gave me a confidence that I didn’t know I had.  I love getting to know new people every day, and sharing daily experiences with our regulars.  We say it often at Equator, but coffee is our connection and I see it every day in the conversations customers have at our café. 

It has been interesting coming from managing our flagship Marin café to our Warfield space. While only 15 miles separates the cafes, they have some significant differences.  Market is a very vibrant and lively street.  We don’t see as many families as in our Marin cafes, but we do interact with many working professionals, and get to know their daily rituals.  We also serve many tourists during the weekend that come in for our awesome breakfast and lunch (we are open 8:30 – 3:00 on Saturdays), and it’s been great to watch so many people experience San Francisco for the first time.  Our Warfield customers are big fans of our single-origin espresso’s, we are currently featuring Costa Rica Single Origin Espresso.  While we offer pour-overs in all Equator cafes, we see the most orders for this brewing method here at the Warfield, in part because there is a great appreciation of the ‘third-wave’ coffee culture in San Francisco.

We have some great team members here at our Warfield café so I wanted to share a bit of biographical information about them:

  • Gredi- Is incredible, and has been with Equator Warfield since we opened.  She has such a strong connection with our customers, and you can always spot her laughing and talking.  She embodies the sounds of the café.  One of my favorite things about Gredi is she treats the space like her own home.  When something is out of place, or needs to be fixed, she takes care of it.  She has a great sense of ownership in her work.
  • Gabe- Plays a vital role, our chief DJ, if you enjoy the music in the café let him know.  He has a deep appreciation for coffee, and spends most of his free time honing his coffee skills, learning and growing as a coffee professional.
  • Cristina- She is our house mom, and keeps everything (and everyone) clean and organized.  She is at the café every morning, and is making sure the frittata is made and our food is well-stocked.  She keeps our ship sailing smoothly.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, be sure to drop in for an espresso or latte on your way downtown, or sip some wine with friends and coworkers on our front patio.

Talya Strader
General Manager | Equator Coffees & Teas