Get To Know Us- Equator Operations Team

Equator Coffees is made up of unique and passionate individuals.  In our latest installment of our Get To Know Us series we take you inside our headquarters to introduce you to some of the team members that make it all come together.

Josh Housh is our rockstar Roastery Operations & Fulfillment Manager. If you're drinking a cup of Equator Coffee, then that bag was likely triple-checked by Josh! We chatted with Josh to learn the behind the scenes of what goes into getting Equator Coffees out the door each and every day.

What is your job at Equator Coffees?

Our co-founder Brooke said it best when she called me a ‘conductor’. I get to work with 30, amazingly talented, beautiful, dedicated humans every day to produce as much as 5,000 lbs. of roasted, packaged, and carefully checked coffee orders each and every day.  To date, our biggest week on record has been over 22,000 pounds of roasted coffee! Big orders, small orders, pick-ups, deliveries, walk-ins. We strive to make our Roasting and Fulfillment teams the backbone Equator needs to grow and continue to offer good vibes, great coffee, and awesome job opportunities.

Where did you get your coffee start?

Sweet Maria’s. If you’ve never thought about home coffee roasting, you should. It is a fun and actually quite affordable. Thompson and Maria taught me so much about business and Specialty coffee. Tom is a world class cupper and I helped him manage a 7,000 sq.ft. warehouse of hundreds of bags of the best coffee grown on Earth. He took me to El Salvador to visit Aida Batlle and the J. Hill Mill. Tom and Maria are some of the most giving and intelligent business people I know and it was an honor to help them launch Coffee Shrub, a wholesale business, and grow their company in West Oakland for seven years. I also spent time at Sightglass Coffee prior to joining the team here at Equator Coffees & Teas.

What is a typical day like for you?

I start my day by brewing with a clever dripper a nice single origin sourced by our Director of Coffee Ted Stachura and our green coffee team. I am generally at the roastery by 9, say ‘hi’ to Robbie and see what the “List” looks like. We truly ‘roast to order’ which makes each day different. Our wonderful office staff processes orders and brings them out. Our awesome roasting team has already been working since 5 AM so there’s plenty of coffee roasted and ready to be packaged. Luckily, Equator has a top notch staff of fulfillment folks who work from 6 AM to 6 PM Monday thru Friday to pack and fulfill all our orders. We laugh a lot in Fulfillment: Sean literally does all our wholesale shipping and receiving,  Angelica packs retail orders and dances, Phil practices his drum technique on the carts while he works, Robbie fixes anything that breaks, Miles crushes the retail list, Robson makes all his deliveries smoothly, Tom drives all over Marin delivering coffee, Sam runs the Zing machine making portion packs, and Philippe weighs, seals, rolls and stickers thousands of retail bags each week. I love our team!

Why do you love working in the coffee industry?

People. Seriously rad people. Artists, intellectuals,  entrepreneurs, musicians, gamers, poets, athletes, woodworkers, welders, programmers, all types. I have had the great privilege to work with amazing entrepreneurs throughout my life, I’m the "old guy" around the warehouse at age 43!  Working with Helen, Brooke, and Maureen, along with the talented team they have assembled, is the most inspiring opportunity I could envision. 2017 is gonna be an incredible year for Equator. I believe small businesses are the lifeblood of our country and I am proud to contribute and be a part of our community here.

Josh Housh
Roastery Operations & Fulfillment Manager
Equator Coffees & Teas