Get To Know Us- Equator Soma Cafe

Equator Coffees is made up of unique and passionate individuals.  In our latest installment of our, Get To Know Us series we introduce you to our SOMA Cafe General Manager, Mark Ashworth.

Our SOMA Cafe is a unique space that invites the community in and entices you to get a cup of Equator coffee and take a short (or long) break during the work week. As part of an 8,700 square foot public space with floor to ceiling windows, the atrium is awash in natural light.  Being a part of a public atrium in San Francisco, this space holds a special place for us at Equator, and we wanted to share a bit more with you about the people that bring Equator SOMA to life every day, and what makes it unique.


As the General Manager of Equator SOMA my core job involves smiling all day, getting our customers their coffee with efficiency and friendliness, and ensuring that our team balances the art of working hard and having fun.

Coffee has been a family tradition for me.  My great-grandfather started a coffee roaster in Roanoke, Virgina called H&C.  It was sold out of the family when I was a kid, but I always felt like coffee was my destiny.  It also doesn't hurt that while pregnant with me, my mom claims to have drunk four cups of coffee a day, so that may have something to do with my career choice.

Our Equator SOMA Cafe is unique because, while cliche, we have the best team in coffee.  As our cafe is inside public space, it allows people to come and go and utilize this great resource as they choose.  It allows for inclusion, and the floor-to-ceiling glass helps provide a very open atmosphere.  Each member of our team works tirelessly to serve excellent coffee drinks, while still managing to crack jokes and have fun while doing so. 

  • Syd- Is an artist and a linguist who can talk about nearly any topic on earth with intelligence. 
  • Andy- Has a strong penchant for fancy things, an incredible palate, and excellent taste in music. 
  • Nea- Is a dancer, even when she's serving coffee it's like she's dancing.
  • Ary- Is the hardest worker I've ever met with a double life as a journalist, an architect, and a motorcycle enthusiast. 
  • Nico- Is the most friendly person on our staff who goes way out of his way to make customers feel special.  
  • Kati- Is a scholar and a sweetheart and a long-time coffee lover.  

We have also been utilizing this incredible space for awesome community events.  We have had a range of activities such as new coffee launch events, where we brought our partners from Yemen in for a panel on what goes into the supply chain of coffee.  We have even had a meditation and sound both event in which 70 people spent the first hour of their day with us setting their intention and learning about some of the great benefits of meditation.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, be sure to drop in for an espresso or latte on your way to work, or for your afternoon coffee break.

Mark Ashworth
General Manager | Equator Coffees & Teas