Equator Wholesale Partner Spotlight- Covo

As a certified B Corporation, Equator believes in stakeholder values over shareholder values. That includes our employees, community, coffee farmers, supply chain vendors, and wholesale customers. We’re fortunate to have lots of excellent wholesale partners who share Equator with our community.  One of these wonderful partners is Covo. Not only does Covo brew a great cup of Equator Coffee, they also foster and support the independent thinkers and entrepreneurs that help make San Francisco such a unique and forward thinking city.


Everyone needs a comfortable place to work. That’s a given. However, what other amenities help us get the job done? At Covo, a co-working space in the Soma neighborhood of San Francisco, we think they have it figured out. What sets Covo apart from other co-working spaces is its’ sense of connection and community. 


When we travel to an Equator café, it is for both the coffee and community space. Covo mirrors that with a public café featuring Equator Coffees & Teas, pastries from a local bakery, and a locally-inspired beer & wine bar. Combining food, drink, and connections enhance their visitor's productivity, well-being, and sense of balance. 

Covo is such a beautiful space. With natural light, high ceilings, and beautiful artwork, you can’t help but audibly exclaim “wow” when entering the first floor. Covo was designed by West Elm Workspace


Rebecca Pan, Covo CEO, is not new to the co-working space industry. She has launched ten other spaces; however, this is the first Covo. What sets them all apart is the inclusion of a coffee shop. 

“Having a coffee shop is critical to what co-working spaces should have in-house. People try to work at coffee shops, but it’s a bit distracting” Pan said. 


Covo’s floor structure is simple. Up front when you enter the space, there is a public coffee shop. At 3:30 PM, a beer and wine bar opens adjacent to the café. The ground floor is an hourly co-working space with high-speed internet. Once you take the stairs downstairs, you enter the monthly co-working space with amenities such as monitors and 24/7 access. 

Pan continues, “By having the ground floor open to the public, we create a space where everyone is welcome. San Francisco can be so segregated. By creating a hub where anyone can walk in, we’re creating a safe space that is beneficial for productivity.”

The café serves our Eye of the Tiger Espresso, and our Fair Trade and Organic Mocha Java Blend on batch brew. The café also serves our Silk Road Teas line, as well as Equator's cascara coffee tea.

“We were so impressed with the Equator sales team. They gave us ten pointers on how we should design our café on the first meeting alone! These were tips that made sense, and that no other coffee company had mentioned.” Pan continued, “this was all before we knew about Equator being female-owned, or that the coffee is roasted locally in Marin County, CA. All we knew was the coffee was delicious, and the sales team were experts in their field.” 


Check out Covo at 981 Mission Street San Francisco.

Akaash Saini
Community Engagement Manager
Equator Coffees & Teas