Let's Brew Together- French Press

In the next installment of our Let's Brew Together series, we're highlighting the iconic French Press. Patented by Italian designer Attilio Calimani in 1929, this popular brewing device is also referred to as the coffee press or press pot. 

A simple coffee brewing device, the french press essentially steeps coffee grounds in water without the use of a paper filter. Ground beans are infused and then pressed to the bottom by means of a fine stainless steel wire or nylon mesh filter. It is an example of an immersion brew, where coffee is being immersed in water. 

Equator Coffee to pair with the French Press:

Coffee from the French Press results in a heavier body cup with heightened complexity. Because of this, we recommend our Aged Sumatra Ulos Batak Peaberry. With flavors of sandalwood, fresh pipe tobacco, caramel and Meyer lemon, this coffee shines when brewed on the French Press.

What you'll need: 


1. Weigh out and grind 25g of coffee. The ground coffee should be about as coarse as breadcrumbs. 

2. Preheat the glass and plunger by pouring hot water into the brewing device. Plunge once to warm everything up.

3. Discard rinse water.

4. Add ground coffee to French Press.

5. Set timer for four minutes.

6. Pour 50 ml of hot water into the French Press, saturating all of your grounds. Start timer. Water should be 200°F - 205°F.

7. After 40 seconds, stir and break the crust (or top layer) and evenly pour 375 ml of the water to the top. Affix the press pot lid.

8. After 3 minutes go by, stir then scrape off the crust.  This will result in a smoother, less bitter cup. 

9. At 4 minutes, plunge and serve. Be sure you pour your coffee into serving cups or a carafe right away. If you leave the coffee sitting on top of the grounds, it will continue extracting and get stronger and sludgier by the time you are ready for the second cup.

Akaash Brewing-9.jpg

10. Discard coffee grounds, and rinse French Press, plunger included. Make sure you start with a clean French Press. Old coffee grounds stuck in the wire plunger will not serve you well. 

11. Enjoy your coffee! 

Akaash Saini
Community Engagement Manager
Equator Coffees & Teas