The Chemex coffee making system was developed by a chemist to achieve one result—brew a perfect cup of coffee every time. The keystone of the Chemex method is the fractional extraction of only the desirable parts of the coffee bean. Fractional extraction at 190 – 200°F leaves the coffee fats and bitter elements in the coffee grounds, not in your cup. Chemex bonded filters and the proper brewing method make this possible.


  • Coffee (40 grams)
  • Chemex
  • Filter
  • Scale 
  • Timer
  • Kettle
  • Hot water


1. Place paper filter in Chemex.

2. Rinse paper filter with hot water. Rinsing the paper filter removes any paper taste and hot water will preheat the Chemex.

3. Discard rinse water.

4. Grind 40g of coffee and place in center of filter.

5. Place Chemex on scale. Make sure scale is tarred to zero.

6. Fill kettle with hot water.

7. Start timer immediately before pouring.

8. Pour a small amount of water (80g) into the center of the ground coffee, and allow 30 seconds of bloom time. The coffee will expand and then deflate during this time; this is called the bloom. It helps release gas and ensures all the grounds are evenly saturated before brewing.

9. Pour approximately half of the remaining water into the Chemex (300g). Pour slowly in concentric circles (think size of a quarter) radiating away from the center of the cone.

10. Once half of the first pour has partially drained though, pour the remaining water through the Chemex (620g of water total). Pour slowly in concentric circles radiating away from the center of cone. Do not allow the ground coffee to become dry before pouring remaining water.

11. Do not pour water on the edge of the cone, or the water will bypass the grounds, and the resulting coffee will taste weak.

12. Serve coffee once filter stops dripping.

13. Total brew time should be 3.5 – 4 minutes. Adjust grind to find proper brew time. If brew is too fast make grind finer; if brew is too slow make grind courser.

14. Discard filter and rinse Chemex. 

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