The Hario V60 is a conical pour-over brewer designed to allow coffee to extract out of both the sides and bottom of the coffee dripper. The V60 has raised ridges along the side wall allow the coffee to exit from the sides creating an even extraction for all of the coffee in the dripper.


  • Coffee (23 grams)
  • V60
  • Scale
  • Filter 
  • Kettle
  • Hot water
  • Glass decanter 


1. Place paper filter in V60.

2. Place V60 on top of glass decanter.

3. Rinse paper filter with hot water. Rinsing the paper filter removes any paper taste and hot water will preheat V60.

4. Discard rinse water.

5. Grind 23g of coffee and place in center of filter.

6. Place glass decanter and V60 on scale. Make sure scale is tarred to zero.

7. Fill kettle with hot water.

8. Start timer immediately before pouring.

9. Pour a small amount of water (40g) into the center of the ground coffee, and allow 20 – 30 seconds of bloom time. The coffee will expand and then deflate during this time; this is called the bloom. It helps release gas and ensures all the grounds are evenly saturated before brewing.

10. Pour approximately half of the remaining water into the V60. Pour slowly in concentric circles (think size of a quarter) radiating away from the center of the cone.

11. Once half of the first pour has partially drained through, pour the remaining water through the V60 (345g of water total). Pour slowly in concentric circles radiating away from the center of cone.

12. Do not pour water on the edge of the cone, or the water will bypass the grounds and the resulting coffee will taste weak.

13. Serve coffee once filter stops dripping.

14. Total brew time should be 2.5 – 3 minutes.

15. Discard filter and rinse cone.

Download Hario V60 Brew Guide >