Snow Leopard Blend
Snow Leopard Blend

Snow Leopard Blend

Raspberry, Grape, Nougat

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Snow Leopard Blend

Snow Leopard Blend $18.00

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Honduras, Guatemala, Panama

Roast Level

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Tastes Like

Sweet, fruit-forward flavors of raspberry, grape, and nougat.






Washed, Natural

The Story

Snow Leopard is a seasonal blend that gives us the opportunity to take single-origin coffees we enjoy on their own and combine them in unique ways to create something delicious! This iteration features a coffee produced by Maria Adilia Trochez on her small one-hectare farm above Lake Yojoa, on the slopes of Mt. Santa Barbara in Honduras. This region regularly places winning coffees in the Honduras Cup of Excellence competition. In the past, Maria’s coffee was bulked together with other lots and sold as commercial grade, until four years ago when Equator first tasted a sample and began purchasing her entire production. Her coffee’s delicate balance of sweet and savory flavors serves as the perfect foundation for this dynamic seasonal blend.

We then added a natural processed coffee from a farm that needs no introduction, Elida Estate. The Lamastus family has dominated the Best of Panama competition the past couple of years and their coffees have fetched record setting prices. The high elevation of the farm and micro climate of the region extends the ripening period of the coffee cherry, slowing development of the coffee seeds within. This slow maturation tends to yield denser coffee beans with more complex flavors. This Catuaí variety’s intensely fruity flavor profile brings the blend to life.

We finished the blend with a coffee from Finca Joya Grande in Guatemala. The coffee was brought to our attention through an auction hosted by the blockchain platform Yave, in collaboration with coffee trade publication Perfect Daily Grind and Anacafé, Guatemala’s national coffee association. This was the first blockchain coffee auction ever held, and we were happy to support the efforts to communicate transparency within the coffee value chain. Blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger that is made up of linked transactions known as blocks. Each time a transaction is completed, connected computers receive a copy of the blockchain that independently prove the transaction occurred. This coffee’s smooth and approachable flavor profile help to bring the blend’s other flavors into balance.

This version of Snow Leopard will only be available for a limited time -- as long as supplies of the component coffees last. This seasonally evolving blend is available on an ongoing basis.

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