Brazil Daterra Laurina Natural
Brazil Daterra Laurina Natural

Brazil Daterra Laurina Natural

A rare variety with vibrant flavors of papaya, watermelon and sugarcane.

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Brazil Daterra Laurina Natural

Brazil Daterra Laurina Natural $22.00

  • 8oz
  • 2lb
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Farm: Fazenda Daterra
Producer: Luis Norberto Pascoal

Patrocínio, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Sweet, with flavors of papaya, watermelon and sugarcane.

Berries, Nutty, Chocolatey


3,775 feet


Laurina (Bourbon Pointu)


Natural Aerobic

The Story

We are pleased to present this unique natural processed Laurina variety coffee as part of a collection of coffees from Daterra, a fellow B Corp-certified coffee farm located in Brazil’s Cerrado growing region. Four coffees from Daterra will be featured in all Equator’s San Francisco Bay Area cafes during the month of February 2020. We worked with another B Corp-certified partner, Sustainable Harvest Coffee Importers to bring the coffee to the US. This is the first-time coffee has been handled entirely from seed to cup by a completely B Corp-certified supply chain.

With a family history in Brazil dating back to the early 20th Century, Daterra’s modern incarnation began in 1976, when the family’s entrepreneurial spirit led them to agricultural endeavors, including coffee farming. Meaning “from the earth,” Daterra was founded with the idea of always offering the best coffee, while also keeping sustainability of people and planet in mind. Daterra was the first coffee farm in Brazil to become Rainforest Alliance certified, solidifying its environmental and social credentials.

Daterra is a large coffee farm, but it has the sophistication and expertise to produce microlots of outstanding quality. Daterra maintains a secondary micro mill on the farm to process smaller lots and keep them separated from their larger production. This Laurina coffee is a great example of their focus on quality, it will be featured as a pour over option in all Equator cafes for the month of February. Laurina (sometimes referred to as Le Roy, or Bourbon Pointu) is a natural mutation of Bourbon which spontaneously, and likely independently, emerged in Brazil and on the French island of Réunion. This dwarf mutation has a distinct conical tree shape. A field of pointy topped Laurina coffee trees are reminiscent of a Christmas tree farm and may be the source of the name Pointu, though the beans themselves also have pointy end. Curiously, this variety yields notably lower amounts of caffeine compared to most other arabica varieties. Although we do not test our coffee for caffeine content, estimates are approximately two-thirds less caffeine when all other variables are the same.

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