Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso
Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Dried Cherry, Maple, Cinnamon

Decaf Eye of the Tiger Espresso

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Ethiopia, Colombia

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Sweet and satisfying, with flavors of dried cherry, maple, and cinnamon.

Citrusy, Chocolatey, Spicy






Natural, Washed

The Story

Decaf Eye of the Tiger is a seasonally evolving espresso blend that features in-season coffees. This version is built around a coffee from one of the world’s most beloved growing regions, Yirgacheffe. Coupled with Ethiopia’s heirloom varieties and meticulous processing, Yirgacheffe’s terroir produces some of the world’s most interesting and delicious coffees. This lot was processed using the natural method, where after harvesting the pulp is left fully intact and dried whole on raised beds. When everything works perfectly, as with this example, the resulting cup is smooth with intense fruit-forward flavors.

For balance and body, we included a coffee from Colombia that complements the Ethiopia lot beautifully. Grown by smallholder farmers in the Popayán growing region of western Colombia, this coffee adds complexity and depth to the espresso, as well as a maple-like sweetness. We like it so much that we have featured it as a single-origin offering in the past! Together these coffees create a delicious espresso that pairs well with milk yet can stand on its own.

We originally developed this seasonal decaffeinated espresso for our cafes, where we continue to serve it in all seven Bay Area locations. We think of it as a delicious espresso that just happens to be decaffeinated. All components are decaffeinated using the water processed method.

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