Brazil 45 Espresso
Brazil 45 Espresso

Brazil 45 Espresso

Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Berry jam

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Brazil 45 Espresso

Brazil 45 Espresso $15.00

Whole Bean
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  • Espresso
  • 12oz
  • 2lb / Save 15% per oz


Brazil, Colombia

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
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Tastes Like

Dark chocolate, cinnamon, and graham cracker sweetness with notes of berry jam.


3,000 - 6,550 feet




Natural, Washed

The Story

A shot of Brazil 45 always feels like coming home. We created this classic blend with comfort in mind; recreating the smooth, sweet, easy-going flavors that helped many of us fall in love with espresso. The name of the blend is derived from the W. 45-degree longitude line that runs through Brazil’s prime coffee growing regions.

The foundation of the blend is comprised of a natural processed coffee from Fazenda California, a coffee farm located in Brazil’s Norte Pioneiro growing region, in northern Paraná state. The natural or dry method of processing yields mellow flavors, typically imparting hints of dried berries which results when the coffee fruit is left in contact with the bean while drying. The classic milk chocolate and nut-toned flavors of Brazil coffee combined with these delicate fruit notes build the blend’s rich foundation.

To build balance and complexity in the blend, we added a coffee from the La Cristalina cooperative in the Colombian town of Guática. Located in the Risaralda growing region, which was once known primarily for commercial coffee, but is now beginning to make a name for itself in the specialty coffee scene. This success is due in part to the efforts of the quality-focused team at La Cristalina.

In Brazil 45, you’ll find notes of milk chocolate & hazelnut, with a smooth, rich finish that lingers on your palate. When used to make a cappuccino or latte, those flavors melt away into creamy, sweet caramel flavors. Brazil 45 creates an easy-going drinking experience that both aficionados and newbies will love.

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