Eye of the Tiger Espresso
Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Eye of the Tiger Espresso

Date, Grapefruit, Milk Chocolate

Eye of the Tiger Espresso

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Ecuador, Ethiopia

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Delicately floral with flavors of date, grapefruit, and milk chocolate.

Chocolatey, Berries, Citrusy






Washed, Natural

The Story

Presenting the latest edition of our seasonally evolving espresso blend, Eye of the Tiger. For those unfamiliar with the Eye of the Tiger concept, we do not attempt to maintain a fixed flavor profile for this blend, as we do with our year-round espresso blends. Instead we work with in-season coffees to develop a blend that shows off the flavors of the component coffees in unique ways.

This iteration is inspired by a coffee produced by smallholder farmers in the village of El Batan, located high in the Andes Mountains of southern Ecuador. A community organization founded in El Batan was established in 1986 by a group of women who came together to find ways to earn income for their families. What started with just three women, quickly grew to thirty, and years later, the group became the foundation for the coffee farmer cooperative we know today.
Equator has been working with these farmers for almost fifteen years and continues to provide a rolling micro-credit loan fund to them for their short-term credit needs. This year’s coffee has a beautiful floral flavor profile that could be overpowered by other coffees, so we knew it had to make up the majority of the blend. We found that at 70%, the El Batan’s delicate flavors are showcased and there’s just enough of the blend’s other, more assertive component to add complexity and body.

We paired the El Batan with another Equator favorite, Ethiopia Ardi. We have been purchasing this coffee since 2013 through long-time friend of Equator Samuel Demisse. Sam was born and raised in Ethiopia and his parents were coffee producers, giving him unique access and an intimate knowledge of Ethiopian coffee. We recently had the privilege of visiting the farmers who produce Ardi with Sam, and see first-hand the high quality, oversight and care that goes into this natural sun-dried coffee. The natural method of processing originated out of necessity in arid climates where producers didn’t have access to fresh water. Today, the processing method is widely used throughout the world for the intensely fruity and sweet flavors in can impart when executed properly.

These two distinct and contrasting coffees culminate in an espresso that can be enjoyed on its own as well as in milk-based drinks. We will roast this version of Eye of the Tiger only as long as the blend components last.
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