Snow Leopard Blend
Snow Leopard Blend

Snow Leopard Blend

Berries, Marshmallow, Mango

Snow Leopard Blend

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Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica

Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Balanced flavors of berries, marshmallow and mango.




Red Catuai, Bourbon


Washed, Honey, Natural

The Story

Snow Leopard is a seasonal blend that gives us the opportunity to take single-origin coffees we enjoy on their own and combine them in unique ways to create something delicious! This iteration features a coffee from one of the most celebrated coffee farms in Guatemala, Finca El Injerto. El Injerto continues to be a leader in national tasting competitions, this year they ranked another coffee amongst the best in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition and have placed in the finals of Cup of Excellence fourteen times, amassing a stunning seven first place awards! This fully washed Red Catuaí variety lot, which is available to purchase on its own, has a beautifully balanced flavor profile that serves as the perfect foundation for this dynamic seasonal blend.

We then added a coffee from a farm that does extremely well in its’ respective Cup of Excellence competition, Finca Los Pirineos in El Salvador. Although the farm specializes in the heirloom Bourbon variety, owner Gilberto Baraona constantly experiments with different coffee varieties and processing methods. For use in this blend, we selected a honey processed Bourbon lot. Whereas in other countries various amounts of mucilage are removed when using the honey, or pulped natural method of processing, Gilberto doesn’t remove any mucilage, with the intention of imparting as much sweetness and flavor into the coffee as possible.

We finished the blend with a natural processed coffee from the Altos del Abejonal farm and micro-mill in Tarrazú, Costa Rica. Altos del Abejonal owner, Mauricio Vindas, single-handedly processes all of the farm’s coffee and has perfected the often-finicky natural processing method. This coffee’s meticulous processing has resulted in an intensely sweet and fruity flavor profile that complements the blend’s other component coffees perfectly.

This version of Snow Leopard will only be available for a limited time -- as long as supplies of the component coffees last. This seasonally evolving blend is available on an ongoing basis.

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