Snow Leopard Blend
Snow Leopard Blend

Snow Leopard Blend

Berries, Marshmallow, Mango

Snow Leopard Blend

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Roast Level

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
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Tastes Like

Balanced flavors of berries, marshmallow and mango.


5,300-6,030 feet


Red Catuai


Washed, Natural

The Story

Snow Leopard is a seasonal blend that gives us the opportunity to take single-origin coffees we enjoy on their own and combine them in unique ways to create something delicious! This iteration features a pair of coffees from one of the most celebrated coffee farms in Guatemala, Finca El Injerto. For the third year in a row, we are offering their Red Catuaí variety coffee that has been processed two different ways. This is the first time we have blended the washed and natural lots together, and their distinct flavor profiles complement each other beautifully. Both coffees are also available on their own, providing the opportunity to experience the influence of processing on flavor.

We are happy to be continuing our partnership with El Injerto and the Aguirre family. The level of quality and consistency the coffee from El Injerto exhibits is nothing short of amazing. Whenever we take the long journey into the highlands of Huehuetenango to visit El Injerto, we are impressed with the cleanliness, efficiency and beauty of their farm and mill. It is no wonder that their coffee tastes so great and achieves so many awards. El Injerto continues to be a leader in national tasting competitions, this year they ranked another coffee amongst the best in Guatemala’s Cup of Excellence competition and have placed in the finals of Cup of Excellence fourteen times, amassing a stunning seven first place awards!

Coffee pickers are paid well and provided housing and recreation areas on the farm, encouraging many to return each harvest season. In exchange, El Injerto has experienced pickers who are familiar with their high standards and expectations. Unlike most farms, pickers are paid by volume and not by weight, that way the coffee cherries must be dumped out into bins where they are inspected before entering the wet mill.

This version of Snow Leopard will only be available for a limited time -- as long as supplies of the component coffees last. This seasonally evolving blend is available on an ongoing basis.

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