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Zoom Super Bloom Coffee Set
Zoom Super Bloom Coffee Set

Super Bloom Coffee Set

The Super Bloom is here! The perfect springtime combo for for coffee lovers includes our Super Bloom Blend (12oz. whole bean coffee), 12oz. Coffee Tumbler and 100% Receycled Cotton Tote Bag, all featuring our custom seasonal artwork by illustrator Jun Ioneda.

5% of every bag sold directly supports the women of the Turihamwe Washing Station, funding training for alternative income streams to boost their earnings during the coffee off-season.

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Burundi, Colombia, Ethiopia

  • Tasting Notes

    Like the Spring time, this coffee is floral, sweet, and vibrant with flavors of blackberry, violet, and cassis.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Turihamwe Washing Station (Burundi)
Smallholder Farmers (Colombia)
Biru Bekele Washing Station (Ethiopia)

This year’s Super Bloom blend is built around a coffee produced by women smallholder farmers located in the Ngozi Province of Burundi. The coffee was processed at the Turihamwe Washing Station, the first in Burundi to be built and owned by women. The plant processes coffee for women producers of the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Association, the first African chapter of IWCA to become a legally recognized entity. This fully-washed Bourbon variety coffee contributes floral and spicy flavors to the blend, perfectly complementing the contrasting characteristics of the other components.

Another fully-washed coffee from Colombia adds depth and body to the blend. it comes from a handful of villages around the town of Inzá in the Cauca Department, just a stones throw away the renowned Huila Department, which produces some of Colombia’s highest quality coffees. As one might expect, the quality and profiles available from Inzá can be close matches to Huila coffees, featuring flavors of dark cherry, ripe berries, and big-bodied red wine.

We finished the blend with a natural processed coffee grown by smallholder farmers in the Guji region of Southern Ethiopia. It was processed using the natural, or dry method at the renowned Biru Bekele washing station. After harvesting, the fruit was left to dry on the beans fully intact, imparting distinct berry-like flavors to the coffee. These fruit-forward flavors coupled with the classic floral notes that make coffee from Ethiopia so sought after contribute to Super Bloom’s unique and complex flavor profile.


4,600 - 6,550 feet




Washed, Natural

Why We Love This Coffee

The Super Bloom is a display of nature's vibrancy, adding a burst of color and energy to the desert terrain. Its magic lies in the drastic shift from sparse vegetation to colorful masses of wildflowers. Each cup of our Super Bloom brings a touch of that magic to you.

For this spring’s blend, we combined the unique qualities of sustainable coffees from Burundi, Colombia, and Ethiopia, to create a celebratory and diverse profile with flavors of blackberry, violet, and cassis.

Super Bloom is a seasonal blend that gives us the opportunity to take single-origin coffees we enjoy on their own and combine them in unique ways to create something delicious! Super Bloom is offered each year during the spring months from April-June, so be sure to get it while it lasts!

Good Coffee, Better Planet

For this spring’s seasonal blend, we partnered with JNP Coffee to source a core component coffee from the women of the Turihamwe Washing Station. Turihamwe, which means “together we can” in Kirundi, is Burundi’s first washing station built and owned by women farmers. 5% of every bag sold will fund training for alternative income streams to boost their earnings during the coffee off-season.

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