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Kenya Ndundu
Kenya Ndundu
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Kenya Ndundu

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Country: Kenya
Region: Gatundu, Thika District
Producer: Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society
Altitude: 5,250-5,900 feet
Variety: SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11
Process: Washed


Vibrant and complex with flavors of watermelon, vanilla bean and papaya.


If you were to ask a handful of coffee professionals their favorite origin country, chances are many of them would say Kenya. A multitude of factors including terroir, varieties and processing methods, contribute to the unique flavor profile we have all come to expect and love when we drink a cup of coffee from Kenya. This lot delivers on all of those expectations – sweet flavors of watermelon and papaya transform into a warm spicy finish reminiscent of vanilla bean. High quality lots such as this one, are rewarded through Kenya’s auction system where registered buyers compete for the best tasting coffees.

 Established in 1980, The Ndundu Coffee Factory is located in a traditional tea growing region near the town of Gatundu. The factory belongs to the Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society, a group consisting of over 350 members. Members are given technical training and support to carry out all agronomic activities and are given access to high quality coffee seedlings from Kenya’s Coffee Research Institute.

 As environmental conservation continues to gain traction in Kenya, Ndundu has initiated a few projects including the construction of 20 waste water soak pits. These soak pits naturally filter waste water used during processing, allowing it to soak back into the soil and reducing the amount of waste water released into nearby streams and rivers.