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Nicaragua Flor de Dalia Natural Fair Trade Organic

For the sixth year in a row, we are proud to offer this incredible natural processed coffee. Enjoy flavors of red grape, watermelon, and cashew, and support sustainable farming with every sip.

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Tuma La Dalia, Matagalpa

  • Tasting Notes

    Fruity, sweet, and balanced with flavors of red grape, watermelon, and cashew.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Flor de Dalia

Located in Nicaragua’s Matagalpa department, Flor de Dalia is a farmer’s cooperative that Equator has been buying from for the past five years. The group was brought to our attention by a Catholic Relief Services’ Coffeelands initiative known as Blue Harvest. Blue Harvest, or Cosecha Azul, is a watershed improvement program designed to protect and restore sources of drinking water in coffee growing communities by promoting sustainable production.

When visiting Flor de Dalia a couple of years ago, we were not only impressed with their dedication to environmental improvement, but also their desire to elevate coffee quality. The co-op had recently constructed a shaded drying station, featuring raised tables for micro lots. They were experimenting with natural processing for the first time, with the hope of submitting their coffee to the Nicaragua Cup of Excellence competition. Unfortunately, due to political instability, the 2019 competition was cancelled. As a result, Equator was able to purchase the entirety of the experimental natural lot. We enjoyed the coffee so much that we have purchased it every year since. The coffees selected for this lot were from members who have higher elevation farms with large plantings of Caturra variety coffee.


4,000 feet





Why We Love This Coffee

Head Roaster Michelle Fleming loves how versatile this coffee is - in the past we have featured Flor de Dalia Natural as both a pour-over, or drip coffee, as well as a single-origin espresso. When establishing a roast profile for the vast majority of our coffees we have a single brewing method in mind and adjust the profile accordingly, however after purchasing and roasting this coffee since 2017, we have realized that a single roast profile yields the best flavors for both the drip and espresso brewing methods.

  • Certified Organic
    Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
    Fair Trade Certified
  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

In addition to being certified Fair Trade and Organic, Flor de Dalia is a participant of the Blue Harvest, or Cosecha Azul initiative run by Catholic Relief Services. This program was designed to protect and restore sources of drinking water in coffee growing communities by promoting sustainable production.

Flor de Dalia is focused on a variety of crops including coffee, cocoa, and rice, as well as beekeeping. Members are provided with an assortment of services, including savings and credit plans, discounted goods for agricultural use, and personal consumption. The cooperative started with 211 members, 37% of them women, with 150 of the member base dedicated to coffee production. Gender inclusion is a critical part of the organizations mission as is its focus on organic farming practices.


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