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Zoom Bouchon Blend - Equator Coffees
Zoom Bouchon Blend - Equator Coffees
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Bouchon Blend

Bouchon Blend is served at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistros and Bakeries and is designed to satisfy a variety of tastes. 

Each bag sold benefits the Ment'or BKB Foundation, a nonprofit foundation that aims to educate and inspire excellence in young culinary professionals and champions the diversity and creativity of the traditions and quality of cuisine in America.


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Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Sumatra, Kenya, Colombia

  • Tasting Notes

    Smooth caramel, dried apricot, bittersweet chocolate, and aromatic wood.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Multiple producers (Sumatra, Kenya)
Las Rosas Women's Group (Colombia)

A wet-hulled coffee from Sumatra gives the blend structure by adding depth and flavors of sweet-toned aromatic wood. The wet-hull method of coffee processing is only practiced in Sumatra and a few other locations in Indonesia, and results in distinct flavor profiles unique to the region. The parchment layer of the coffee bean is removed before the coffee is fully dried, which imparts the distinctive, sometimes earthy flavor characteristics.

We then added a fully washed coffee from Kenya that adds brightness and fruit flavors to the blend. Like Sumatra, coffees from Kenya have a unique flavor profile that cannot be found anywhere else, but it’s Kenya’s auction system that truly sets it apart. Registered buyers taste samples before bidding on them at auction, competition drives prices up and the best tasting lots are rewarded. Equator works in partnership with a registered buyer who identifies and bids on select lots that meet our specific flavor expectations.

We finish the blend with another fully washed coffee from Colombia’s Antioquia growing region that adds flavors of roasted nuts, chocolate and baking spices. The inception of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation in 1927 has helped develop Colombia into one of the world’s coffee producing juggernauts. Over the years the FNC has implemented strict protocols that have created a level of consistency seldom seen anywhere else. Together these coffees combine to create a smooth, approachable blend that’s perfect for pairing with a pastry or sipping after a meal.


4,600 - 6,550 feet




Wet-Hulled, Washed

Why We Love This Coffee

Bouchon Blend is served at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistros and Bakeries and is designed to satisfy a variety of tastes. For those that seek rich, smooth and layered flavors, this blend will consistently and effortlessly please the palate whether you take your coffee black, or prefer to add milk. We find that this coffee complements the bakery’s signature macaron quite well.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

One dollar for every 12oz. bag and two dollars for every 2lb. bag sold of Bouchon Blend will go to the Ment'or BKB Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to supporting young culinarians with ongoing education and mentorship.

The Ment'or Grant Program provides aspiring chefs who may not have the access or resources with once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to expand their training and skills.

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