Micro-Loans for Farmers

Micro Loan

Micro-credit is a proven method by which funds remain in the borrower’s community to generate additional micro-loans and further improve the community’s economic health. Equator provides micro-loan programs to support local farmer efforts to batch taste and control quality on site. These initiatives benefit the business by securing the bean pipeline and ensuring the highest quality products. Equator also pays a higher premium than most mass retailers will pay.

Our current and ongoing projects are:

El Batan, Ecuador: What began as a micro-loan specifically for the community of El Batan gradually expanded to include many farmers in the surrounding area known as El Airo. The goal of this revolving micro-credit loan fund is to supply the resources for farmers to complete an assortment of farm based projects, including farm renovations, food security programs and income diversification initiatives.  

Finca El Valle, Guatemala: Equator contributed $5,000 to help Cristina Gonzalez and her family combat the effect of Roya at their farm, Finca El Valle. Roya is a fungus that severely damages the stems and leaves of the coffee plant, inhibiting its ability to synthesize nutrients. With our contribution, among others via Kickstarter, Finca El Valley was able to invest in replanting the affected areas.

Some of our past projects include:

Aldea Global, Nicaragua: Revolving micro-loan to be used by various farms in the Aldea Global Co-op for improving coffee quality through wet-mill renovations.

Finca Chipacay, Guatemala: Investment of $3,500 to build a cupping lab. With the donation of a small roaster and cupping tools, along with education and training, the farmers can evaluate their own coffee and promote quality.