Single Origin Coffees

Ethiopia shines for June. Ardi and Gora Kone lead the way in all of their floral sweetness while we revisit the excellent Gesha Village and find it just as delicious the second time around. Don't count out Brazil's Fazenda Monte Verde either. Produced with five generations of coffee know-how, this honey process coffee blends the best of past and present.

Pour Over
Pour Over
Batch Brew

Seasonal Lemonades

Few drinks signify the start of warmer days like a cold lemonade. We've reimagined three versions of the timeless beverage and even took on the classic itself.

Butterfly Pea Lemonade

An Arnold Palmer, But Better

Cherry Limeade

A Classy Take on The Classic

Sparkling Lemonade

Light and Refreshing

Fresh from Our Pantry

Seasons change and our Pantry offerings with them. Lucky for you, our Pantry staff are constantly dreaming up the perfect coffee companions for your next visit.

In the mood to share? Our Pantry offers an extensive catering menu as well.

Seasonal Quiche
Old Fashioned Lemon Loaf
Zucchini-Cheese Muffin