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Refer a Friend

Give your friends a reward and claim your own when they make their first purchase.

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Refer a Friend

Since 1995, word of mouth about our commitment to excellence in coffee has been instrumental in growing Equator Coffees into who we are today.

If you love our coffee enough to recommend it to a friend, we'd love to show you the same appreciation through rewards for the both of you.

Get 15% Off your next order at when you refer a friend who places their first Equator Coffees order. Plus, we'll give them Free Shipping as thanks for giving us a try.

Refer a Friend



If you've shopped with us before, click here to open our rewards module and log in.

Invite a friend automatically via Email or Facebook, or manually by copying and sending your Referral Link.


They Claim Their Reward

By clicking your link, your referred friend will be directed to our Rewards Module to confirm their email.

After clicking "Claim My Reward," they will receive an email with their personalized discount code.

They can apply this code during checkout to get Free Shipping on their very first Equator Coffees order!


Claim Your Reward

Once your referred friend has made thier first purchase with us, you will be automatically emailed your own personalized discount code.

Apply this code during checkout to get 15% OFF your next Equator Coffees order!

Refer a Friend FAQ

How Do I Refer a Friend?

After opening our Rewards Module and ensuring you're logged in, you will see your custom Referral Link.

A referral begins each time you share this link with a friend, in one of three ways:

  • Email - Automatically email an invitation to your friend. You can personalize a message, and hit "Send Email" when you're ready.
  • Facebook - Automatically post your invitation to your Facebook News Feed or Story. You can personalize the description and hit "Post to Facebook" when you're ready.
  • Manually Share Link - Copy the link and share it with a friend through any other preferred method.

Once Your referred friend has clicked your link, they will be directed to the Rewards Module to claim their reward.

Can I Refer an Existing Customer?

To be eligible to receive a reward, your referred friend must be new to

Users with an existing account or past orders on our website will not be eligible to receive a Free Shipping reward code.

When Do I Get my Reward?

As a referrer, you are only eligible to receive a reward code after your referred friend places their first order.

After your firend places their first order, we will automatically notify you by email with your reward code.

Apply this code during checkout to receive 15% OFF your next order on our website.

I'm Having Trouble Finding My Reward Code

Reward codes for both the referrer and referred friend will always be sent via email.

For the referred friend, the reward code will be emailed to the address they entered into our Rewards Module while claiming thier reward.

For the referrer, the reward code will be emailed to the address on their account. Please note that the referrer will only receive a reward code after a successful purchase from their referred friend.

If you are unable to locate your reward code, please contact us so we can help.

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