Coffee is Our Connection

Equator’s dedicated and experienced roasting team transforms our partner-farmers’ efforts into the exceptional and delicious coffees served in our cafes and shipped to your door. We put in the time and effort to bring out all the flavor potential inherent to each coffee, honoring the hard work put forth by our partners at origin.

We engage with individual farm owners and cooperatives at origin in an effort to offer the finest coffees. By securing direct purchase relationships with coffee producers, we gain access to coffees that are otherwise not available on the open market.

Our strict quality assurance procedures include sensory evaluation of production roasts via cupping, pour over, batch brewing and espresso. We evaluate coffees multiple times before purchase, prior to shipment and upon arrival.

As California's first Fair Trade Certified coffee roaster, our focus on sustainability is long-lived. We consider our impact on our employees, suppliers, community, farmers, and the environment for the benefit of each.

We support projects around the world that improve quality of life and food security for our partners at origin. These relationships yield outstanding coffee as well as meaningful friendships throughout our Chain of Well Being.