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Decaf Colombia Popayan Instant Coffee
Decaf Colombia Popayan Instant Coffee

Decaf Colombia Popayan Instant Coffee

Mandarin Orange, Nutmeg, Sugar Cane

(5 Pack)
Decaf Colombia Popayan Instant Coffee

Decaf Colombia Popayan Instant Coffee $15.00

5 Pack
  • 5 Pack


Producer: Smallholder Farmers

Popayán, Cauca Department, Colombia

Roast Level

Medium Light

Light Med Lt Med Med Drk Dark
+ +

Tastes Like

Sweet and spicy flavors of mandarin orange, nutmeg, and sugarcane.

Citrusy, Floral, Spicy


3,300 – 5,400 feet


Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, and Typica



Don't Leave Home Without It

Instant coffee that meets Equator standards. Great hot or cold, it's ready when you are.

Easy to brew and filled with premium coffee flavor, each packet makes 8-10oz of liquid coffee. With five cups per box, all your journeys can have the flavor of a pour over at instant speed.

Our instant coffee is brewed to capture the complex flavor notes you would expect in any Equator coffee, without the bitterness typically associated with instant coffee. Simply add water, to create a wherever, whenever beverage that tastes like a pour over.

Current Offering

Decaf Colombia Popayán 

Grown by smallholder farmers in the Popayán region of western Colombia, this coffee is fully washed and was decaffeinated using the water process of caffeine removal. Although the decaffeination process has greatly improved over the last couple of decades, we often come across decaf coffees that have muddled flavors. This coffee, however, retained much of its original flavor intensity. Whenever we taste a coffee like this one, we are eager to feature in our single-origin program.

We often look to Colombia for our decaf blending needs and evaluate many lots over the course of each year. When we received a sample of this particular lot, we were amazed by its assertiveness and clarity; so much so that we decided to showcase it as a single-origin offering. We knew we wanted to share this coffee with our customers when we experienced the juicy, fruity flavors in the cup, some team members even questioned whether we were actually tasting a decaffeinated coffee!


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