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Zoom Sumatra Lintong Instant - Equator Coffees
Zoom Sumatra Lintong Instant Coffee
Zoom Sumatra Lintong Instant Coffee

Sumatra Lintong Instant Coffee

Enjoy flavors of lemongrass, cocoa nibs, and sandalwood no matter where you go, and never leave great coffee behind. This light roasted, single origin coffee gives you pour over quality, in an instant. 

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

  • Tasting Notes

    Complex flavors of lemongrass, cocoa nibs, and sandalwood.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story


Although Lintong is a specific region in Northwestern Sumatra, it is also used as a trade name to describe coffees from the greater Lake Toba region with a particular flavor profile, like the one this coffee has. Our partners at Volkopi in Sumatra selected coffees from small garden farms in the Lake Toba region and blended them together to create this lot. The coffee was processed using the island’s traditional wet-hull method, which is vastly different from other commonly used processing styles. A thin papery substance called parchment surrounds all coffee seeds, and the process of removing this layer is called hulling. Most coffees are hulled after drying when their moisture level reaches 10-13%. Wet-hulled coffees are hulled with much higher moisture levels between 35-50% and finish drying after the removal of this protective layer.

Like many processing methods, wet hulling was born out of necessity due to the method’s ability to dry coffee quickly because of the parchment layer being removed. This is beneficial in Sumatra’s damp climate and cloud cover which render slower drying methods impractical. Coffees from Sumatra are known for having earthy flavors and a heavy body that in large part can be attributed to the wet hull process where the coffee is more exposed while drying. This coffee is no exception, its assertive flavors of aromatic wood and lemongrass showcase the unique flavors that coffee from Sumatra can offer.


4,600-4,920 feet


Sigarautang, Jember S795, Ateng


Wet Hulled

Why We Love This Coffee

Instant coffee that meets Equator standards. Great hot or cold, it's ready when you are.
Easy to brew and filled with premium coffee flavor, each packet makes 8-10oz of liquid coffee. With five cups per box, all your journeys can have the flavor of a pour over at instant speed.

Our instant coffee is brewed to capture the complex flavor notes you would expect in any Equator coffee, without the bitterness typically associated with instant coffee. Simply add water, to create a wherever, whenever beverage that tastes like a pour over.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

"I think that there are two main factors that have led to the rise in popularity of specialty instant coffee, technology has improved and specialty coffee roasters are looking to connect with their fans wherever and however they want to enjoy their coffee.

First the technology, the process for making instant coffee has really gotten better! The flavors of unique coffees used to be muted or lost all together though the process of brewing then freeze drying. The degradation of flavor in this process led to a self fulfilling prophecy of low quality, a downward spiral of mediocrity. If your coffee was going to be damaged by the process of turning it into instant, why bother using good coffee to start with? Thankfully the coffee industry is full of innovators and geeks! Entrepreneurial coffee lovers started looking at the process of making instant coffee and found they could improve it. They focused on extracting a great cup from the coffee they start with, rather than focusing on simply extracting every drop of flavor from the beans. When they start this process with great coffee (like our Sumatra Lintong) the resulting product makes a great cup. It's nuanced and flavorful, and most importantly reflects the unique terroir of the coffee.

As far as roasters wanting to connect with customers, you don't have to be uptight and snobby to appreciate good coffee any more. Coffee lovers should be able to have a great cup of coffee even when they don't have access to a temperature specific kettle, burr grinder and scale. Gatekeeping great coffee doesn't do anyone along the supply line any good. Having a high quality instant coffee allows our customers to enjoy a great cup of coffee anywhere. Our instant drinkers are specialty coffee drinkers, they make good coffee at home in the mornings, come to our cafes for pour overs and cappuccinos, and when they go backpacking they pack Equator Instant Coffee as a staple. We've gotten notes and photos from people who bring our instant on flights, to Disneyland, on cross country trips and home to visit in laws. It's so easy to keep a packet or two of instant coffee in your purse that now there isn't anywhere where you need to put up with subpar coffee." - Devorah Freudiger, Director of Coffee Culture


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