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Zoom Thailand Doi Saket Anaerobic White Honey | Single Origin Coffee | Thai Coffee | Thailand Coffee | Anaerobic Coffee | White Honey Coffee | Tastes Like White Peach, White Tea, Dried Pineapple | Equator Coffees

Thailand Doi Saket Anaerobic White Honey

Located in Chiang Mai province, Doi Saket is the oldest coffee growing area in Thailand and home to the Jaisooksern Coffee Farm.

This single-origin Thai coffee stands out with a remarkably unique processing method—anaerobic white honey— developed by Fuadi Pitsuwan, co-founder of Beanspire Coffee, and superbly implemented at the Jaisooksern wet mill.

Flavor Profile

  • Origin

    Chiang Mai, Thailand

  • Tasting Notes

    Delicately fruity and subtly floral with flavors of white peach, white tea, and dried pineapple.

  • Roast Level

    Light Med Lt Med Med Dark Dark

Origin Story

Sorasak "Nui" Intakad & Runglamai "Aoy" Jaisooksern; Beanspire Coffee

Located in Chiang Mai province, Doi Saket is the oldest coffee growing area in Thailand. Here you’ll find the Jaisooksern Coffee Farm operated by Sorasak "Nui" Intakad and Runglamai "Aoy" Jaisooksern, a young couple who left their white collar jobs in the city to move home to their parents’ farm to become coffee producers.

Coffee farming is a relatively new industry in Thailand, and one that is proving to be attractive to young farmers and entrepreneurs. Thailand's current coffee history dates back to the 1970s, when an opium eradication project introduced the first coffee trees to areas like Doi Saket. Efforts to reforest degraded land and introduce coffee and other crops to replace illicit cultivations have proved to be extremely successful.

Doi Saket Typica Anaerobic White Honey was sourced by Beanspire Coffee, an exporter founded by Fuadi Pitsuwan and Jane Kittiratanapaiboon, who are part of the young generation moving the Thai coffee industry forward. Thailand is unique as a coffee producing country; the country’s specialty cafe and roaster scene is thriving, and domestic consumption demands regularly outpace the country’s production volume. Only around 5% of Thailand’s specialty coffee is exported each year, while the rest is enjoyed by Thai coffee drinkers.

Beanspire’s mill is one of the most advanced in Thailand. Jane and Fuadi have built Beanspire to produce high quality coffee from the outset. This lot of Typica coffee underwent Anaerobic White Honey processing. The process was developed by Fuadi Pitsuwan, co-founder of Beanspire Coffee, and implemented by Nui and Aoy at the wet mill on their property. Coffee cherries were sorted and pulped before being fermented in an anaerobic environment for 12 hours. This fermentation period removes most of the mucilage on the coffee, leaving only a thin layer ahead of drying. The fermented coffee was then dried on raised beds.


3,600-4,750 feet




White Honey

Why We Love This Coffee

Located in northwest Thailand, Chiang Mai is the second largest province in the country. It is bordered by Chiang Rai to the northeast, Lampang and Lamphun to the south, Tak to the southwest, Mae Hong Son to the west, and Shan State of Burma to the north.

The province rests in the Mae Ping River basin and is surrounded by the mountain ranges of the Thai highlands. Though the average elevation of the province is around 300 meters above sea level, coffee farms tucked into the surrounding mountain slopes reach above 1000 meters.

  • Sustainably Sourced
    Sustainably Sourced

Good Coffee, Better Planet

Before working with Sustainable Growers, co-op members sold coffee cherries at low prices in the local market, but now they have established a cooperatively owned wet mill and formalized exporting procedures, securing the ability to be compensated more fairly for their hard work and the beautiful coffees that they produce.


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